Armik’s La Vida

August 6, 2015
La Vida

LA VIDA, Armik’s latest recording is available now.

Purchase: Bolero Records, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

With LA VIDA, Armik’s 27th studio album, he offers a new musical calling card that reveals his stunning guitar virtuosity and the magical percussive layers of sound and soul of the Nuevo Flamenco genre. It is a testament to the continued relevance of Nuevo Flamenco sound that Armik’s global fans revere around the world. You will have the most extraordinary listening experience as Armik fuses the sounds of his flamenco guitar with different musical genres such as Latin jazz, and rumba. Eleven songs that embrace a variety of themes that contribute to the romantic and loving stories told through Armik’s music. The stories he tells through his songs epitomize the joys of his accumulative experiences as a guitarist, songwriter and producer. LA VIDA is yet another great aspect for Armik’s untiring muse to communicate his truths, love and beauty. Armik proves through his Nuevo Flamenco art that his music is not just new and inspired but more importantly, musical ideas that can make your heart and soul feel great!

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