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Armik’s Enamor

December 14, 2016

Armik’s Latest Recording, Enamor, is Available Now Worldwide.

ENAMOR has been on Billboard’s Top Ten New Age Chart for 77 weeks. (No. 1 seller for 13 weeks).

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Armik has driven deep into his quest to create first rate Nuevo Flamenco music with this ambitious 11 track recording titled ENAMOR. As his 28th release on Bolero Records, it is an exceptional example of the art of Armik both as a guitar virtuoso and as a composer. Throughout this recording he retains a Spanish Guitar sensibility in his precise touch while his compositions yield refined, romantic chords that leave you breathless and obsessed with his award-winning arrangements. ENAMOR is a beautiful recording on which Armik demonstrates a completely original sound that is sophisticated yet creative. He makes each note count while playing with his delicate touch and makes sure that you emerge with a greater appreciation of his musicality and all that is heard in the fine art of Nuevo Flamenco.

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September 2015

September 23, 2015
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With LA VIDA, Armik’s 27th studio album, he offers a new musical calling card that reveals his stunning guitar virtuosity and the magical percussive layers of sound and soul of the Nuevo Flamenco genre. It is a testament to the continued relevance of Nuevo Flamenco sound that Armik’s global fans revere around the world. You will have the most
 extraordinary listening experience as Armik fuses the sounds of his flamenco guitar with different musical genres such as Latin jazz, and rumba. LA VIDA, is yet another great aspect for Armik’s untiring muse to communicate his truths, love and beauty.
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is one of the most adulated virtuosos of a new genre he defines as World Fusion, Flamenco, Spanish Guitar.One of the best selling guitarists in the world since 1994, Armik is a global artist and musician with a wide demographic. All of his albums have charted above the top ten rung on the Billboard New Age ladder 
of success. (Read more)
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